Q. What if a match gets abandoned without any single ball or match gets declared "no result"?

Users will get their money refunded to their TotalPlay5 Wallet.

Q. What if a match gets decided via D/L method?

In that case, there won't be any changes for points calculations. Winners will be declared as usual based on the runs scored by their chosen batsmen/bowlers.

Q. Is this legal?

TotalPlay5 is a fantasy sports game which is a game of skills. To play in TotalPlay5 users have to use their skills to select players and performance of any player depends on multiple factors such as their fitness, form, pitch type, weather conditions and past performances to name a few. Game of skills format is legal in India and TotalPlay5 is 100% legal as per Game of skills laws applicable for different Indian states except for Assam, Telangana, Orrisa and Gujarat.

Q. What is the maximum players in a match?

For batsmen game, You have to select 5 betsman in total to create a team. 
For baller game, You have to select 5 bowlers in total to create a team.

Q. What is the deadline to play in a given match?

Deadline to join a league for a given match is 5 minutes before the start time of the match.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum league amount?

Users can play paid leagues whose amount starts as low as Rs. 25/- up to Rs. 5000/-. We may change these league amounts to enhance user experience.

Q. What happens if there are not enough users in a given league?

If there aren’t enough users to fill a particular league than users will be moved to another league of same amount with less or more players so that users can still play in a particular league. If we can’t find a league to put user/s than we will refund their amount.

Q. What happens if there are more than one users having same winning rank?

If multiple users will have same winning rank, the winning amount will be distributed to the users sharing the same rank.

Q. How many leagues a user can join?

There is no limit, users can join as many paid leagues as they like to.

Q. Can a user change or edit his/her chosen players?

Yes, users can edit their team prior to the league joining deadline which is start of the match.

Q. What if the selected players are injured or could not participate in the match?

If, for any a reason, a chosen player doesn’t play then he will get “0” points for the match.

Q. How do I withdraw my winning amount?

All winning amounts will be credited to TotalPlay5 wallet Instantly after completion of a match. User can transfer winning amount from their TotalPlay5 wallet to their Paytm Wallet or Bank Account Just Go to Transfer Money and select amount that's you want to transfer either in Paytm/Bank account.

Q. Which details needed for transfer money in Paytm/Bank account?

In transfer Paytm Wallet we need your phone number only that’s linked to the Paytm wallet. Please make sure Your Paytm Phone number is KYC verified. On the other hand, In case you wish to get your money in your bank account we need your bank account number, IFSC code and your Name that’s are registered at your bank account.

Q. How to add money in TotalPlay5 Wallet?

User can add money to their TotalPlay5 wallet using their Credit or Debit card, UPI, Wallets, Net Banking, Paytm etc.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limit from the Totalplay5 wallet?

The minimum withdrawal limit from the TotalPlay5 wallet is Rs. 10/- and maximum is Rs. 9999/-

Q. What is the maximum time to update winning amount in TotalPlay5 wallet?

It's Instantly. Only Refund takes upto 2 hours after completing Match.

Q. What happens if two users gets same points?

Depending upon the rank, the money will be transferred to their TotalPlay5 wallets. If the users share the winning rank, the winning amount will be evenly distributed to both of them.

Q. What is transfer charges for Paytm as Well as Bank Withdraw.

0% Transfer Charge For Winning Amount to Paytm/Bank Account.